Jennette McCurdy Plays With Her Boobs

Jennette McCurdy boobs

Former Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy plays with her boobs in the video clip below from her new aptly titled film “Little Bitches”.

When Islam finishes conquering the West we will have to make a sequel to this film titled “Big Ditches”, for that is what is going to be required to dispose of all of the brazen whores like Jennette McCurdy we are going to be lapidating during the great purge.

Jennette McCurdy nip pokies

Of course you are probably thinking, why don’t we just burn the bodies of the degenerate Jezebels in a giant righteous bonfire? However, what you fail to realize is that the wind could shift at any moment. Certainly it is not safe to be downwind of a smoldering slut like Jennette McCurdy, especially when her hard nipple pokies burst into flames releasing their djinns into the air.