Lucy Liu Nude Photo Shoot

Lucy Liu nude

For this week’s “Throwback Thursday” we have the nude photo shoot below featuring a young Lucy Liu from before she was the star of the hit CBS crime drama “Elementary”, and even before she played the yellow one in those awful Drew Barrymore “Charlie’s Angels” movies.

Yes prior to being “discovered” by heathen Hollywood Lucy Liu was known as Fook Dong Wong, and she was one of the hardest working concubines in the Shanghai brothel district. That is the time period from when these photos were taken, and they were used to entice clients into the backroom of a noodle shop were Lucy did her dirty business in exchange for a few yuan or a rice ball.

Looking at these old nude Lucy Liu photos helps us to remember that celebrities were also tremendous whores before they were famous, and that the Zionist puppet masters that control Hollywood are simply profiting off the depraved nature of the worst of humanity.

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Lucy Liu Lucy Liu Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu Lucy Liu